Monday, March 5, 2012

3rd Trimester ... and a new face :-)

Yesterday marked the 3rd trimester (I believe) :-) Since I've just started seeing my 3rd OB practice of this pregnancy, they changed my due date to around June 1 ... but I have another ultrasound on Wednesday for them to have for their own records. So, I guess I will specifically know more on Wednesday, but according to the information given to me at the beginning of this pregnancy (and throughout), I was officially 28 weeks yesterday. Here's a pregnant shot for all of those who have been asking :-) I'm feeling really good - the 2nd trimester was SO NICE to me, so I'm hoping for the same in the 3rd. It's hard to believe that we only have 3 more months until baby boy gets here! So excited!!! Chris and I actually didn't have a name in advance this time like we did with Jake and Cole, so we had a couple of names we were back and forth with, but we decided on Chase Christopher. I've already started to refer to him as that ... and I'm just so excited - as are Jake and Cole (they really are ... now, Cole may change his mind when he realizes Chase is here to stay) :-) I'll be sure to keep everyone posted. The end of May will be here before we know it (hopefully), because we are staying so busy. However, I'm going to try and store up lots of sleep in my "sleep bank" in the mean time.
To start off the 3rd trimester, I thought it would only be "fitting" to take a nice, hard fall on the concrete. I was walking up to my parent's house with the boys, had my hands full (not with Cole or Jake, thankfully), and I tripped on a single step on the sidewalk - and obviously my hands were full, so I couldn't brace my fall in time, so my FACE decided to step in (don't recommend this). Let me tell you, OUCH! The boys were in front of me, so they didn't actually SEE me fall - but they were quite intrigued with the blood :-) I honestly thought my nose was broken, since I mainly fell on my nose and left side of my face. Anyway, I don't think they are going to send Chris back from Afghanistan for my messed up face and bruised pride :-) - and I'm thankful that the baby and me are FINE! I honestly didn't even land on my stomach. I think I will try to carry less over the next few weeks, though ... making 2 trips from the car to the house will just be extra exercise :-) Here are some pictures. I'm sure it's going to look glorious by mid-week.
Haha. I look like I've been in a fight. Here's to no more tripping and falling over the next 12 weeks! :-)


Jill Brisken said...

Love the name! Sorry about your face . . . be careful! :-)

jgmk said...

You look great and I LOVE the name!!! Your poor face looks like it hurts though!!! Hope it heels quickly!

melissaraineri said...

OMG!! Poor you! Please be more careful and don't over do it!! I fell twice when I was pregnant, but not like this! Super excited the 3rd trimester is here...and LOVE the name Chase!

Allison Ashinhurst said...

Thanks guys! We're excited about the name, too- now, just really looking forward to meeting him! And yes, I plan to stay on my feet instead of my face from here on out.