Monday, February 20, 2012


Sooooo, taking a little step away from the beach in California - and blogging about the SNOW that happened last night. The "dusting" - but since it was late Sunday afternoon, it was still here when we woke up this morning. The boys started asking around 6:30am if we could go play in it. I'm a HUGE wimp when it comes to cold weather (self-proclaimed huge wimp). I mean, where is Daddy when we need him?! Ha :-) BUT I was pretty excited to get them out there playing in the snow - and they had a blast (and thanks to Gram, they had some warm boots and hats to wear)!!

The snow falling Sunday late afternoon ....
Waking up bright and early (before the sun was even up) - and taking a "good morning" picture for Daddy (while already talking about playing out in the snow)!
We were all dressed in layers and ready to head out there by 8am!
Eating the snow was quite popular!

Look at that cute face - having so much fun!

Still eating it :-)
Throwing snow balls!

Starting a snow man. The snow wasn't great "packing" snow - but we made it work!

Yay Jake!
The start of our snow man ....
Adding eyes and a carrot nose and sticks for hands (notice how Jake is holding Frosty's hand)?!
Buttons and a mouth out of mulch....
Complete with a warm hat :-)

Snow angels!!!
THEN, off to Aunt Jul and Uncle Matt's house for some sledding before the snow melts!
Ready to go.... I think.

LOTS of fun videos below .... but this is when both boys wanted to sled down the hill with Aunt Jul at the same time. Thankfully, all 3 of them survived :-)

We talked Mimi into sledding, too!!!!

Uncle Matt and Cole ....

Racing down the hill....
Showing Uncle Matt all the videos we took of sledding earlier in the day :-)

Here are LOTS of fun videos from our few hours in the snow :-)

Video #1 ...

Video #2 - Jake sledding :-)

Video #3 - Cole sledding

Video #4 - Cole and me sledding (and baby) :-)

Video #5 - Aunt Jul and Jake :-)

Video #6 - Aunt Jul and Cole :-)

Video #7 - Uncle Matt and Jake

Video #8 - The boys racing with Aunt Jul and Uncle Matt

Video #9 - Racing w/ Mimi :-)

When we got home from Aunt Jul and Uncle Matt's house around lunchtime, the snowman had practically melted, along with the rest of the snow ... BUT we sure did enjoy it for the few hours that it was around. Now, off to bed for me - b/c that sledding wears you out ;-)

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