Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jake's 4th Birthday!

It's hard to believe Jake turned 4 on January 28. Wow. My big 4 year old! Even though we didn't have a birthday party with his friends .... we sure did PARTY - a lot!! It worked out nicely, because Chris was supposed to leave for his deployment on January 27, which would've been the day before Jake's birthday, but he ended up not leaving until February 1, so it was SO NICE that he was able to be there for Jake's special day .... especially since it was on a Saturday. Aunt Jenn was in town, too, so that made the celebration EXTRA fun! Jake's day was filled with Legoland, Joe's Crab Shack for dinner (his choice!), cake, and presents. Pretty good for a 4th birthday! I think we were ALL glad Jake was celebrating his birthday - and chose to do such fun things!!

Jake driving with me to pick up his Angry Birds birthday cake early on his birthday morning :-) He's such a cool dude! I love him!
Then, OFF to Legoland .... beautiful day :-)
Showing Aunt Jenn some of our favorite rides!

Let me just tell you one thing .... you actually STEERED this boat - and Cole wanted NO part of ME helping him out!

Getting to meet the Lego Man (something we didn't get to do the first time around). Cole was especially super pumped! He wouldn't even turn around for a picture!
Jake decided it was "safe" to give him a high 5, too!

Our second to last ride, it had "technical difficulties" while we were on it. So, after waiting for 30-45 minutes, someone had to actually PUSH us backwards to get us to a place where we could exit the ride. Pretty funny stuff, actually....

Poor guy - the water came up to his waist.

Joe's Crab Shack for dinner!!!!!!! Jake gets a hamburger, but he LOVES the atmosphere (probably why he chose this place for his birthday dinner - it was all him)!

The servers and the rest of the restaurant singing happy birthday to jake (video below).

Opening presents at home ....

Jake's angry birds cake!!! Oh my gosh, it was delicious, too! Kind of bummed we found the bakery right before we left :-(

Here's the Joe's Crab Shack video of them singing to him (not sure why it's sideways - sorry)!

Here we are at home!

SO SO SO SO thankful for our 4 year old blessing!!

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