Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cole Baby's 2nd Birthday!

Did our Cole Baby really just turn 2 ... and was that REALLY over a month ago now?!! (Now that I'm back in the "world" of good, fast internet, I may actually for real be able to catch up on blogging)!!
Chris and I decided that we would celebrate both boys' birthdays just with our family this year - and we certainly had a special time doing just that. Cole's birthday included a trip to Subway for lunch, smoothies on the beach, playing on the beach ... and then Daddy brought home Cole's favorite - PIZZA ... and of course cake and presents :-) Cole is really into Kung Fu Panda (and you may laugh that it's hard to know what a 2 year old is "in to,", but not with Cole - he pretty much lets you know)! So, it was a busy birthday - full of LOTS of fun!
We are so thankful for Cole - and his activity level. This age of the "terrible twos" can definitely be challenging, but I also love how they have their own opinions and ideas ... and are coming into their own as a little person .... it's such a FUN age, too (even though some days you want to pull your hair out)!
Here are some picture from his party.... and even though baby #3 will be here in a couple of months, Cole Baby will always be ... our Cole Baby :-)

Cole definitely knows how to put down the cake! He does not mess around when it comes to sugar.

Awww, 2 years old!!!!
Big brother had fun, too!

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