Thursday, January 12, 2012

LegoLand CA!!

Here's the deal: if you're ever in FL or CA - go to LegoLand! What a fun fun fun time it is!! I took so many pictures, b/c it's just simply amazing that practically EVERYTHING is made out of legos. Quite amazing, actually! I'm going to start with a picture from the END of the day. This picture is of Jake when we walked in the door ... he was in a good mood - BUT we walked through the door - and he just collapsed from being so tired :-) He had had so much fun!!! We basically had to convince him that the bed would be a much more comfortable place to sleep - he could've slept in the doorway all night long :-)
Welcome to LEGOLAND!!!!!!!
On our way to the safari ride ... yep, this elephant is made out of legos (I will reiterate this all throughout the blog, b/c it's just so awesome - as Jake would say) :-)
On the safari ride ... the giraffes (yep, legos)!
Cole and Mommy riding the safari.
Jake and Daddy were in the car behind us.
Legos .. :-)
Lion legos ...
Waiting for Jake and Daddy to finish their ride. I will add that Cole is at the age where he does NOT like it when the ride is done. I'm pretty sure that throughout the entire day, he cried when each ride was OVER - ha :-)
Fairy Tale boat ride. All made out of legos ...
Big bad wolf ....
The boys loved it!
Sleeping Beauty.
Little Red Riding Hood ....
3 Little Pigs!

Spraying the lego'd seals :-)
And now the alligators!

Jake and Daddy on a ride ... unfortunately, Cole was too short (he was not happy about this, by the way).

Cole and Daddy on a ride together.
Jake at Junior Driving School. He was a PRO!!!
Cole and Daddy on a ride while Jake was at "driving school."
Here's the school ...
Cole and Daddy watching ....
My big almost 4 year old!
Off he goes ....
He's even perfected the 1 handed driving :-)
Getting his drivers license.
ALL LEGOS! Ahhhh - it's crazy! If I had blogged closer to the time that we actually went (which was New Year's Day), I'd remember how many legos they said it took to build this tree! Lots!
Frosty made out of legos ... and real snow in the background for playing!
I LOVE THIS PICTURE! We were waiting in line for a ride.

Daddy took Jake and Cole on this pirate ship - it went back and forth and side to side and spun all around. Cole had his hands up in the air and loved it - Jake ... well, he wasn't thrilled at all that we talked him into riding it :-)

Pirates out of legos (tired of me saying that yet)?!
Another ride that Cole was too short for :-( So, we are waiting to spray Daddy and Jake as they pass by ....

They can shoot you with water from the ride - and you can shoot them. Pretty cool.

Thankfully, they didn't get soaked!
Jake riding the horses by himself. You had to be 4 to ride this ride. Don't judge .... we just let him be 4 about 3 weeks early.

Another ride with Daddy. It's kind of hard when 1 parent is pregnant and can't ride a lot of rides (although, I'm sure I would've been fine, but all the signs would say "not recommended for pregnant women", so I was abiding by the rules). It gave me more opportunities to take pictures, though!
They loved it!

I love all the smiles! Again, Cole spent the majority of the ride holding his hands in the air. Fearless, that one is!
I think even Daddy was having some fun ;-)
This is Chris trying to get Cole off the ride - who obviously wanted NO PART OF THAT.

Bob the Builder in 3D!!! It was a big hit with both boys!

Ice cream cones on a sunny afternoon!

Okay, I won't say it with every pictures ... but ALL of these are out of legos!!! Washington DC.
Iwo Jima!
More of DC.

It was amazing... all the details!



A little bit of Paris....
Mount Rushmore.
Another view of NYC.

I don't think any park would be complete w/o a children's playground :-) That's where we are now ....

Cole slept through this part ... he had no idea what he missed.
Riding the train ...

Video of Jake at Driving School. He really was a pro - and just thought it was so much fun! He has missed his truck the past few months!

Here is Jake on the horse ride ....

What a FUN way to kick off 2012 - on New Year's Day! Aunt Jenn had given the boys Legoland gift cards, so we made a trip to the store on the way out - and they got to pick out some Legos to bring home! Perfect! We already can't wait to go back. We have another day pass, so we'll see if we get a chance before heading back East ... or if we'll save it for when Chris gets back from deployment, but either way - highly recommend!
I'm SO thankful for the family time we've had here ... and the memories we've captured.


melissaraineri said...

Looks like so much fun! I definitely want to go now! Thanks for sharing. Jax would love the lego animals! The boys look like they had a blast :).

Jill Brisken said...

Looks like so much fun! All of my boys, including my husband, want to go to LegoLand. Maybe someday . . . :-)