Monday, January 2, 2012

Sea World ... (finally)

Alright, I'm going to be "super blogger" the next couple of days :-) I AM going to catch you up and fill you in on our Christmas season .... and what a FUN what it was out here in Southern California. Lots of treasured, quality family time!!

We kicked off our Christmas Season with a trip to Sea World ... the weekend after Thanksgiving. We had a great time - and the boys absolutely LOVED it (Chris and I did, too)!! :-)

Beautiful day at Sea World ....
First up: Dolphin Show (video at end of post) ....

We went to pet the dolphins, too. Jake wanted no part of this really, but Cole ....

well... Cole would've jumped in the water with them if I would've let him :-) He's either fearless OR he doesn't know any better.
Polar Express in 4-D!!!

Cole eventually passed out for a little nap :-)
I really wanted to get our picture taken in this snow globe, but I figured Cole probably would be too busy looking around, instead of at the camera, so we didn't .... but HOW COOL!
Riding a ride ..... (kind of like the tea cups at Disney World)
Although, this time .....
Jake WASN'T a FAN .... and was letting Daddy know this :-)
Shamuuuuu.... We were at the VERY TOP row, so it was actually hard to see - and take pictures!

Off to see Santa ... and his reindeers ....

Jake let him know that he wanted "a lot of things" .... and Cole - he wanted NO PART of this man!
Since it doesn't actually snow in SoCal, they bring REAL snow to Sea World for fun (video below).
They thought it was great! It was pretty crowded, too - big hit with the kids!

Penguins :-) (or as my boys call them.... Pingu)

Such a HAM (Cole had already taken one of the penguins OFF the tree, so he had to be removed from the picture - ha) :-)
Showing the animals they picked out ....
Kids ZONE .... climbing this huge net thing ....

Jake was a pro!

OFF they go.....
Cole wasn't old enough to go down the big slide (and very upset about it), BUT Jake rocked it!
Cole bouncing around....

Jake bouncing with the older kids (again, Cole was NOT happy that he was not tall enough). He totally would've owned that bouncy house, too!
Jake with the punching bags!
Cole on the "tea-cups" .... He LOOOOVED it. You could hear him making fun noises!!

This is Cole showing how he felt about having to GET OFF of the ride when it was over!!! Definitely wanted to keep going!
More fun in the kid zone....

We had just eaten pizza, so happy boy :-) (I had not finished wiping him down - he was a mess)!!
Nighttime Christmas Shamu Show (we got there early enough for front row seats this time)!

LOTS of fun!
On our way to the car after a long, FUN day!!!
Trying to get them in their pjs that night .... haha!
And here they are once we did .... too funny!!!

Here are some videos .... ENJOY!! (Check back soon for more posts from Christmas and Legoland. PROMISE it will be soon)!!

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