Monday, February 20, 2012

"Last Weekend" ...

The "last weekend" before deployment is never "fun". I mean, we made it fun - but it's always hard living in the moment and not thinking about how in a couple of days, everything changes for a while. Besides celebrating Jake's birthday, we made a trip to the beach (which it's hard to believe that as many times as the boys and I went to the beach, this was the first time Daddy was able to come along and play), we ate at several of our favorite restaurants, Chris and I got to go on a date (thanks so much Jenn), and we spent time just doing a little relaxing, too! We made the most of that "last weekend" together for a while. And as I write this, we are already almost 3 weeks down.... :-)
Beach with Daddy ....

The boys were so excited!

That's me up there chasing Cole around :-) The beach is a perfect place for him, though - because there is so much room to run!!
So thankful she was in town!

Cole chasing the birds ...

Trying for a family picture :-)

Silly faces always find their way into pictures with us :-)
Even Cole is making one :-) Love it!

Haha :-)
So good!
Chris and me about to head out on our date :-) I miss this guy!!
Hanging out with Aunt Jenn!
Heading to Ruby's Diner (on the pier) for some dinner one night ... beautiful sunset!
Oh, how I love you beach!
Walking to dinner....
Quick family picture :-)
This picture cracks me up, b/c we had a GREAT time at dinner that night, but obviously we all look miserable in this picture. Aunt Jenn caught us at a "serious/concentrative" moment :-)
I'm pretty sure this picture is hugely out of order - and was taken at Legoland :-)
Relaxing with Daddy....
One last nap w/ Daddy for a while....
Ugh! This is probably one of the worst things leading up to deployment .... getting all his gear ready - and getting packed. It's so depressing for me.
This was the day before he left. We were checking out of our condo (hence the reason I look especially disgusting, since I was cleaning), but Daddy was giving the boys Angry Bird lunch boxes he bought for them filled with fun stuff to do on their trip back across country :-)
Leaving Outback that night ....
Getting a few pictures at the hotel before the boys went to bed. I left to drop Chris off around 2am, so this was right before the boys went to sleep.

We miss Chris/Daddy .... but we are so so proud of him!! Plus, we are thankful for the consistent communication we have had so far. SO thankful!!

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