Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aunt Jenn Visits ... like 2 months ago :-)

The moment you have all waited for .... me to update my blog :-) Since I'm a little behind, I thought about starting "real time" and going backwards, but then decided to just keep going in chronological order, SO..... these pictures are from the FUN visit we had w/ Aunt Jenn when she came to see us in Columbus a little over a month ago. We packed A LOT in over 5 days - and had a blast .... Enjoy :-)

We went to Atlanta one day .... and went to the Aquarium. This was also the day that Jake slammed his finger in Chris's truck RIGHT when we got there, so we weren't sure at first if we were going to make it to the aquarium for our reservations OR end up in the ER. Thankfully, Jake was a trooper .... and we pressed on and had a great time! The aquarium was BEAUTIFUL .... and we got to see the Dolphin Show, too, which both boys loved (no cameras allowed, though).

LOVE this face! He's looking at the big sharks above on the next picture.

Another "WOW" moment :-)

Had to throw in some silly faces!

Cole was pretty impressed!
We since have bought Jake longer pants ... the kid grows like a weed :-)

Besides the dolphin show, the penguins were both boys' favorite!! You could go through a little tuner and "pop up" w/ the penguins. It was actually a really cool exhibit - and a big HIT with Jake and Cole.
Here we are going through the tunnel ....
There they are looking at the penguins.
Aunt Jenn and Jake :-) Aunt Jenn had just bought them each a penguin from the gift shop, so Jake was super excited about that, too!!
Outside the Aquarium.
Yes, this could be a potential Christmas picture, huh?!
Then, off to Centennial Park for a little playground action. We can't go to Atlanta w/o hitting up the playground in the park :-)
Then, we walked about 10 blocks to this amazing restaurant, Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles. We had to wait about an hour, so while we were "killing time", Cole threw his new penguin in one of the public trashcans to be funny. Chris retrieved it - and I gave it a WET WIPE BATH!!!!! Of course, Jenn had to get a picture, b/c they were all laughing at me .... but GROOOOSSSSS! You can tell by my face, I was taking my job seriously - haha!!!
Almost time for a yummy dinner!

Oh YES!!!!!!! It was soooooo good!!!!!
Love her :-)
Jake enjoying his food ... he got the same thing that the rest of us got :-)
Off to the CNN Center for some Starbucks on our way out of town. The tour here is one of the only things in Atlanta I didn't get to do that would've been FUN. I just never thought the boys would enjoy it that much, so we didn't attempt it, but it's a really neat place.
At home, playing :-)
Aunt Jenn hurt her toe, so Jake HAD to band-aid it up :-)

Making cupcakes! Jake made up a song while stirring .... that video is at the end of the blog - it's pretty cute - the kid cracks me up!

One day, we headed w/ some friends to Butts Mill Farm. They were decked out for Fall already, so we were able to enjoy a "hay ride", play w/ some hay, etc.

Aunt Jenn found the pacifier in the ball pit (yay and gross) :-)
Cole was so excited to be playing in the ball pit, I couldn't get him to be still for a picture :-)

Jake LOVED the bumpy slide (similar to the one in Centennial Park in Atlanta)
Playing on the fire truck.
This was Jake's favorite part of the day.
Hay Time!
Jake w/ his friends Christopher and Stella ... Cole was off w/ Aunt Jenn somewhere else at the time.

Jake and Christopher jumping off and into the hay.

Cole found a basketball court. He would.
Pointing at the animals.
Playing on the golf cart.
Jake riding the train!
Cole in the bouncy house.
Hay Ride!
Mandy w/ Christopher and Stella. It was a fun summer hanging out with them!

So, that evening .... Jenn and I bought some fresh Georgia Peaches from Fresh Market and made a homemade peach cobbler! YUM!
Peeling peaches wasn't that much fun, though. BUT look how amazing these look!
It was a team effort ....
Jenn made that "A" in the crust .... pretty creative. Ready to EAT. Oh, I want a piece right now!
As you can see, we accomplished a lot while Aunt Jenn was visiting .... and there was still time for the local park.
Pretty sure they took a break to eat a snack.

Enjoying Aunt Jenn :-) We appreciate her coming all the way to GA to hang out. We had such a GREAT time ... and lots of memories made!

Here's the song Jake made up while stirring the cupcake batter. I love his imagination :-)

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