Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Today, we went with Jake's preschool class to the Pumpkin Patch. Jake has enjoyed preschool so much - and it was great to do something so fun w/ his class before we have to move. After being in the 80s-90s earlier in the week (and humid), it has been in the low 50s the past 2 days - FREEZING!!! Thankfully, the sun was shining bright this morning :-) Here are some of the pictures from the day:

Jake was all into the funny faces today :-)
Another funny face....
"Spooky" Hay Ride.

Cheeeeeese :-)
About to enter the pumpkin patch ....
The owner explaining the "rules" for choosing a pumpkin ....
Jake with his teacher Ms. Pat (he loves her so much he told me) :-)
The pumpkin he picked (go figure .... but it had a funny, monster face already drawn on it).

The hardest part of the day was keeping Cole from throwing rocks. All you need is a pile of rocks for Cole - that will entertain him for hours (as long as you are watching to make sure he doesn't put them in his mouth)!
Class picture.
Funny face class picture :-)
More funny faces ....
Showing their pumpkins :-)
Fun day. Good memories. Probably one of many class trips to the pumpkin patch.

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melissaraineri said...

These are too cute! Jake looks like he had a good time. And Cole is too funny with the rocks. Oh boy - what I have to look forward to! :)