Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meet ME in the Middle.

I've mentioned this several times in my blog over the past 6 months, but one thing I especially LOVED about being in Columbus, GA was all the family that was relatively close by that we got to take advantage of seeing. A week before we left, we met up with Aubra and Anne Marie in Atlanta for one last visit together. Aunt Alice Marie and Uncle John were in town visiting Anne Marie, so we were able to see them, too. It was a perfectly beautiful day in Atlanta ... and we enjoyed time at the playground (of course), dinner at the CNN Center (Moe's - yay), and then cupcakes at Gigi's (to celebrate Aunt Alice Marie and Aubra's birthday)! I didn't get many pictures .... it's so hard w/ Cole at the age stage he is these days, but I posted a link to Anne Marie's blog at the bottom of this blog, so check it out! She has a great post about our afternoon in Atlanta .... and really, become a faithful reader of her blog - IT'S AWESOME!! I kind of have blog envy - ha :-) She does such a great job!!! I'm SO SO SO thankful for my family - and SO thankful that they treasure family as much as I do :-)

Jake being Jake ... :-)
Celebrating Aubra and Aunt Alice Marie's birthday at Gigi's!
Jake helping blow out the candles!
Both candles, of course :-)

Playing superman outside before we all headed back to our own homes!
Here's Anne Marie's blog .... Check it out - now :-)

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AnneMarie said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Loved seeing y'all and am definitely going to miss having you so close. I've got to give you credit on the blogging thing- everything I do I learned from you and your awesome blog :)