Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Chris graduated from MCCC on October 21. Since I was trying to keep the boys entertained during graduation, I wasn't really able to get some good shots (unfortunately). I was only able to get a couple from my phone - and we were sitting on the back row (just in case) .... so, I really only have blurry pictures to document what an awesome job he did throughout this school!!
Here he is about to receive his diploma (he's the blurry one on the left ... in the sharp uniform)! Just to brag on him for a second .... he graduated 2nd in his class (out of 187). He was only .1 (yes, POINT 1) behind the 1st place graduate! I'm so happy that all his hard work paid off. Not only did he graduate 2nd in his class, but he received the Col. Ralph Puckett Leadership Award (see bio here From what we hear, this is a pretty big deal in the Army .... and for those of you who know Chris, this shouldn't come as a huge surprise, b/c he is an amazing leader! We are so proud of Chris/Daddy!! We were cheering him on the whole way :-)
This is Chris giving a gift to the guest speaker from all the graduates.
All the graduates are front-right in this picture (another blurry picture - sorry).
Yay for Daddy!!! The boys were excited to see him afterwards!

Here is a "video" of Chris receiving his diploma. Again, SO proud. He makes me happy for so many reasons, but I so appreciate and admire his work ethic. Congratulations Chris :-)

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