Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This and That.

So, unfortunately, I'm not going to be in Beaufort when my good friend Ashleigh has her baby at any moment this week (especially since I'm writing this from a hotel in Albuquerque, NM), BUT I was fortunate enough to be able to make a trip to Beaufort for her beautiful brunch shower! It was such a special time for Ashleigh and Thayer ... celebrating this baby girl that is about to enter their lives at some point this week! :-) I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Doesn't she look GORGEOUS!!!!!
This is back at home ... and not an unusual sight. If Cole wants something, he thinks of every way possible to try and get it. In this instance, using a stool is one of his LESS-creative ways.
Watching the Auburn Tigers Game. Jake is all about his Daddy (as it should be)!!!
The boys enjoyed an afternoon at the storage facility playing with all of their outdoor toys we weren't able to play with this summer! It's was like Christmas morning all over again!
Nothing like a FRESH HAIRCUT.
This was real-life one Saturday morning (not posed). Jake got up and then crawled in bed w/ Chris while Cole and I were already up.
Watching a video on the computer.

This is normal, too (not allowed), but normal. THIS is why Cole and I are inseparable. There is no "child proofing" a house when it comes to Cole. He finds ways around it. :-)
Having FUN w/ Daddy!!
This is Jake at the Doctor's Office .... 2 days before we moved. He had woken up in the middle of the night w/ a bad ear ache, so we got him into the doctor the next day. The kid is so happy - even when he doesn't feel good. He thought he was big stuff at the doctor's office. Even at the end of the appointment, the doctor asked if we had any questions, and I said, "No" and Jake said, "I do" .... and then went on to tell her a story (no questions ... just wanted to tell her a story). He's too much :-) I can't believe he's just 2 months shy of 4!! How did that happen?!
Playing w/ a maze of boxes in the house .... Moving day!!
On to the next leg of our "journey" ....

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