Saturday, November 19, 2011

Impromptu Trip to VA

I figured it's only fitting that I at least blog about Halloween before Thanksgiving tomorrow. I've considered just starting "real" time w/ the blogging, but I have some good pictures from our trip across country, so I DO want to get to those. It'll happen ... maybe this weekend :-) The problem is, I can't stay awake past 7:30pm when the boys fall asleep, so that obviously leaves little time for blogging. I'm not sure my body has even quite caught up w/ the time difference (to include daylight savings time). I'm not sure if that's because I chase around 2 active boys during the day .... OR because I'm simply just getting older - maybe both :-) Anyway .... (next up is Memphis blog, I promise)!!

We had a fun, impromptu trip to VA before heading across country. It wasn't "planned" until about 2 weeks out, b/c lots of changes have taken place in our family over the past several weeks, BUT it was nice to get a trip to VA in, especially since Chris will be leaving here for Afghanistan shortly :-(. The weather wasn't friendly to us (Chris and I are becoming more and more warm-weather people), BUT it was great, as always, spending time with family!

Here is Jenn w/ her "old school" Nintendo. It's amazing I can still remember all the "tricks" and hidden levels .... not that anyone really got to play, since Chris just took it over ;-) I love how Jake is looking over Jenn's shoulder just hoping whatever is in that box is for him.
Jake ... you don't even know, buddy. This was before iPhones, iPads, and pretty much computers. Yes, there was a "world" that existed before that. It's a hard truth.

THIS was Cole every morning at like 5am. He would climb up by himself, and I could hear him making noises and knew he was pointing at "me" to hurry up and come upstairs w/ him, so I could feed him breakfast before the sun rises.
Nana and Granddad were able to visit while we were there - and Mom-Mom and Pap-Pap, too. It was so great getting to spend time with them. We don't get to make it up to Delaware and PA very often, so it's always so nice of them to make the trip down when we are in VA.
Jake and Granddad playing w/ the balloon.

Jake and Cole performing a concert (video at the end of the blog).
I'm not sure if Cole was performing a concert - OR giving a speech. Lots of pointing.
Trying for a group picture.
There we go, complete w/ a silly face from Jake.
Hanging out with Poppy.
Trying on the Halloween costumes ... Cole's not quite sure about the mask part, but loves the spider man costume!
AND Jake, of course, LOVES being Buzz, complete with the blow-up WINGS we had to have :-)

Jake and Aunt Katy at Gram's work. We went did a little pre-trick or treating there with the ladies Gram works with.
Getting Cole all ready...

Trying out the Halloween candy :-)

Still trying out some candy :-)
Mrs. Holt had cute goodie bags for the boys!!!
Trick or Treat!!! At the second house we got to, the owners were dressed up like witches and there was smoke coming from the house and Jake turned around and said, "I'll let Cole go to this one first." :-) Too funny. Cole did, though .... got his candy, survived .... so Jake decided it was safe to give it a try.

Hanging out with Mimi, Papa Dee, and Aunt Julianne (Uncle Matt was out of town).
Saying bye :-( Never fun.

Roasting marshmallows on the fire! YUMMMM!!!

Playing football.

Here is the concert :-) We always are making good memories while in Virginia!!

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