Sunday, September 12, 2010


We definitely DIDN'T forget Mimi's birthday - and didn't forget about the shout out on the blog, either .... it has just been finding the time - after I spent so much time working on all of those Disney pictures. Mimi's birthday was Wednesday - and we hope she had a REALLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! We are thankful for you - and we love you SO much!! Jake has a little message he wanted to send out :

Lots of shout outs, actually, to give -
*My grandmother (Nana) and Mom share the same birthday .... pretty cool!
*Mom and Dad's Anniversary was yesterday (the 11th). 34 years! I am thankful everyday for their marriage and the parents that they are! Jul and I were - and ARE - truly blessed!
*My grandfather's (Papa) birthday is today .... Happy Birthday Papa!!
*Jul and Matt's 1st Anniversary is today - hard to believe it has been a year! Hope you guys had an extra special day! :-)

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