Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fang Teeth & Sippy Cup!!

Cole has had his 2 bottom teeth for a while now. He also has had his "fang teeth" coming in - but now when he smiles REAL big or laughs, you can see them - it's hilarious!! I wonder if I can work those in to his halloween costume?!?! :-) The first 3 pictures are me trying to capture his fang teeth - a couple of them, you can't see the teeth, but the smile was too priceless NOT to post!
If you blow this picture up, you can see 1 of his "fang" teeth :-)
Cole LOOOOVES sitting and sleeping with his arms behind his head - it's "his thing" - always has been, and I think it's so awesome!
Ahhhh, sippy cup!! It's so hard to believe it's TIME (and probably has been time) for him to use the sippy cup! He has transitioned pretty well to it (he still gets a bottle for feeding), but he also just likes to CHEW on it - but he does drink from it as well (when he's not chewing) :-) I have especially liked it, b/c it causes him to sit still for minutes at a time!!! Ha!

Oh, and I had to throw this picture of Jake in here, b/c when I'm taking pictures of Cole, Jake decides he wants to "cheese" it up and have HIS picture taken, so - here's my big, big boy saying it's "Jake's turn" for a picture (love the 3rd person talk)!!
More sippy cup and cuteness!

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