Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bowling FUN!

Let me just say that bowling has always been a HIT in our house with Jake. He loves the plastic bowling set we have (and so does Cole, for that matter) - and Jake loves watching bowling on Wii. BUT.... nothing quite compares to actually doing it in person, which we did yesterday for the FIRST TIME. Jake hasn't stopped talking about it, either, and wants to go back like .... NOW! :-) Here are some pictures from our bowling day yesterday! We went with our friends "Miss" Ginger and McKenzie. We may have to make it a weekly occurrence.

Here is McKenzie going first and showing Jake how it's done (McKenzie has been several times, so she's quite the pro)!!

Here's Jake .... (i love watching them carry the ball - haha)!!

The best part about Jake AND McKenzie bowling is that they didn't stick around to see how many pins they knocked down. They pushed the ball, cheered for themselves (definitely cute), and ran back to see what was happening on the scoreboard, b/c usually it show some type of picture!! So, here is Jake cheering and running back :-) :-)

"I did it"!!!!!! (taking a quick second to look at the ball) ....

Guess we'll have to teach him in other sports you have to keep your eye on the ball ;-)

Yay!! (see the ball is not even halfway down to the pins yet) :-)
In the process of a high-five!!!

Having FUN!
Here is a video of Jake bowling .... kind of funny, b/c he actually dropped the ball off the ramp - the only time he did it - and I got it on video :-) This was towards the beginning before he realized that if you PUSH the ball down the ramp, it goes faster :-)

McKenzie - almost bowling a strike!!

Here is Jake again ....

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