Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Disney World 2010 Videos...

Disney World pictures are up .... now for some videos :-) To say that the vacation was a BLAST would be an under-statement! We had such an amazing time. You never really know how a trip is going to go with a 2 1/2 year old and an 8-month old, but they both did really well - and you could tell were having LOTS of fun! It was SO NICE having Poppy and Aunt Jenn along. Not only were they such a huge help .... but we enjoy their company, too, which made it all the better! We appreciate them being able to take leave from work and join us - great memories were made!! I could write pages and pages of all the fun we had, but since Jenn and I took a combined 442 pictures, you can just enjoy browsing through all of those and let the pictures do most of the talking - and if you DO make it to the end, you'll see that Jake rode his very first rollercoaster! The pictures are great, b/c he looked scared out of his mind at the beginning, but is cheering at the end! His favorite rides were the race cars, tea cups, and Dumbo. Oh, and he liked the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground at Hollywood Studios. He really liked it all, though - except the characters. Jake was NOT a fan of the characters .... he wanted to SEE them, but from a distance. On the other hand, Cole LOVED the characters ..... he would just start kicking his legs, so excited to see them while we were waiting in line, so that was pretty cute!
Enjoy experiencing some of our fun memories through the pictures and videos :-)
The Dumbo Ride

TEA CUPS (probably his absolute favorite)!

The resort we stayed at had a really nice pool - for kids and adults. Here is Jake going down the slide on the kids' pool!

Then, he got braver and started going down backwards, BUT was told by the lifeguards feet first (facing front)! Lifeguards are always ruining all of the fun, huh?! Haha!

After going down the smaller slides for a while, he was all about trying out one of the slides from the "big pool"! He must've gone down this slide 50 times over the course of the week. I wish the camera was closer to capture his facial expressions, BECAUSE once he got around the corner of the slide and was facing the pool, he had this HUGE GRIN on his face, because he was so excited ..... then, as he started to quickly go down the slide, the smile went away and was replaced by concentration :-) THEN, after coming up from the water, another HUGE smile! It was so fun to watch!!

We went to Hollywood Stuidos on Thursday - and while we were there, we went to the Playhouse Disney Show. For all the Moms out there - you would've LOVED this show. Chris was laughing afterwards saying you could see all the Moms singing all of the songs - haha! So, in this show, we saw a little of Mickey Mouse ClubHouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, and Tigger and Pooh! What I love about this video is Jake's face. I noticed more than ever this past week that Jake is a PROCESSOR. He is constantly processing everything he is seeing and hearing, so I just love the looks on his face - taking it all in - seeing IN PERSON what he watches on TV! The ONLY bummer about this show is that they didn't do the "hot dog" dance at the end!!!!!! You can't have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse without the hot dog dance!!

Another day on the tea cups .... Jake's face is priceless... riding these with his Daddy!!

Those are the highlight videos .... I suggest you start planning YOUR Disney World Vacation today. I know I'm ready to start planning our next one ;-)

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