Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Boys

Before leaving VA, I wanted to get some pictures of the boys.  I decided back in South Carolina that every place we lived, I wanted to try and get pictures with the family at a location that represents the uniqueness and character of the place/state we lived.  So, even though VA is where we are "from," so we will be back ... I still wanted to get some pictures of the boys before we left.  
April took these pictures for us in Downtown Fredericksburg at Kenmore Plantation.  
She got some great shots, I think ... especially when you're trying to get pictures of a 4, 2, and 6 week old.  Jake and Cole were a riot during this.  We definitely had some good laughs while trying to get them to both look and smile at the same time :-) 
Honestly, though.... sometimes candid shots are some of the best.  
Here are some of the awesome pictures April got of the boys.  Thanks, April!!!

I love this.  It says so much about their personalities.  


A definite favorite!!!

Muscle pictures (and silliness)!!!


Pointing out the American (aka "Daddy's flag) and Virginia Flags

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Jill Brisken said...

You got some great pics, so sweet! Have a safe trip across country with all 3! Will be praying for ya!