Thursday, July 19, 2012


It has been SO HOT here!  The heat has pretty much kept us inside, which especially with boys... it gets a little crazy.  So, since we were supposed to leave for CA on Tuesday and our trip had to get pushed back a few days, we had no plans yesterday ... and we decided to taken an impromptu trip to Kangaroo Jac's again - this time with Mimi and Papa Dee.  
An afternoon filled with jumping on bouncy houses and then Ray's Italian Ice (new place we found in Richmond - definitely recommend) made for an outstanding day yesterday!  
I need to invest in about 5 bouncy houses for our basement.  The boys LOVE it ... and they just run and bounce and slide non-stop!
It is so fun watching them play together and truly enjoy each other.  Cole wants to do everything Jake is doing - and Jake does pretty well letting Cole do everything he is doing.  Even though they know how to push each other's buttons ... I love that they have each other. 

Going too fast down the slide for the picture to even come out.  There were BIG smiles on these faces, though!

Chase enjoyed himself, too.  The noise of all the kids in that place kept him sleeping soundly (pretty sure Chase finds comfort in noise, since that's all he's used to) :-)

Italian Ices afterwards.  YUM!


Now, for a day of running some last minute errands and finishing filling up the van :-)   Then, another chapter begins ....

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