Saturday, July 14, 2012

4th FUN

Our 4th of July week was packed with FUN!  We celebrated all week long up in PA with family.  We swam, ate, swam, swam, ate, and played a lot :-)  It was great to get up there and see everyone.  The last time we had been up there was when Jake was 6 months old, so it was nice to get up there with all 3 boys.  We just wish Chris could've been there, too!  
Here are some pictures (and lots of videos) from our FUN week of celebrating America!

Cole jumping off the diving board.  He only did this about 500 times over the course of the week

The boys went up with Gram, Poppy, and Aunt Becky a couple days before I headed up with Chase.  That gave me the chance to get some things packed up for our trip across country on Tuesday.  Here they are on a TRAIN RIDE with Gram, Poppy, Aunt Becky, Mom-Mom, and Pap-Pap.  

We went to a pretzel factory - and learned how to make pretzels ... and the history behind the making of pretzels.  Cole is all ready with his dough :-)

Jake making his pretzel

All done :-)

Mom-Mom multi-tasking with making her pretzel AND holding Chase :-)

Cole showing off his certificate:
"Certified Pretzel Twister"

After the Pretzel Factory, we went to the Chocolate Factory.  YUM!  
We found a chocolate tank.  If it wasn't a bazillion degrees, I would have bought it for Chris - but not only has it been so hot, BUT there will be no room for that in the van anyway :-)

4th of July in Downingtown 
Harry is riding some rides with Jake.  Jake thought that was great!  

More rides .... (thanks Harry)!!

Chase just chillin'

More rides ....

Chase poolside :-)

4th of July afternoon at Gregg and Terry's house for the annual cook-out


Hollywooood #2

This is the life :-)

Annual Pool Basketball Game :-)

Piñata FUN

Videos from the 4th!  Cole was a FISH!!

Along with all the rides, the boys talked Gram and Poppy, Aunt Jenn, and Harry into going down this slide with them .... It actually looked pretty fun!

I couldn't stop taking videos of Cole jumping off the diving board.  He LOVED it.  Thanks to everyone who helped him out in the pool.  He had a blast!!

Jake and Cole had never done a piñata before, so they thought this was extremely cool!!

What a FUN 4th!!

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