Sunday, July 15, 2012

DC never gets old...

Well, we did it!  We made it back to DC one last time :-)  This past week, after Jake finished camp, we picked him up and headed North.  First, we went to the Iwo Jima Memorial.  Then, we met up with Jul after work and hit up the Air and Space Museum.  The boys liked this one - but not near as much as they liked the Natural History Museum.  In fact, after Air and Space (and astronaut ice cream), we made our way back to see the dinosaurs .... It was being persistently requested :-)
You would have thought they had never seen them before (and definitely not just last week).  They LOVED them once again!
After that, we rode the carousel on the Mall.  $3.50/person (including me).  THAT'S how much I love them.  As I was getting dizzy from it going around and around and around, I realized more fully that it was a "rip off" that I had to pay $3.50.  They should pay ME to ride that thing with my boys :-)  It was fun, though - and the JOY on the boys' faces was well work $3.50/person :-)
After that, we ate at Fuddruckers ... and then made our way home.
I will miss DC.  As I've said, no matter how many times you go, it just never gets old.  There is always so much to see - and even though I grew up here and have been A LOT, I feel like a tourist every time with my camera :-)

Walking up to Iwo Jima

Looking into DC

What an amazing Memorial, in honor of true heroes!

Air and Space Museum

Can you believe this was the first space shuttle taken to the moon?  Tight living space.  Glad there are people out there braver than me.  

First airplane.  No thank you.  Can you see the way that guy is riding on the outside of this plane.  Crazy.

Going through a "space shuttle" to see what it's like...

Nothing like some good ole' construction on the Mall to take away from the beauty of it :-) 

Dinosaur TIME

I'm telling you ... the boys LOVE it here!!!

Cole was just screaming and pointing and going "BIG BIG BIG"

WOLVERINE.  I was a "wolverine" in high school.  That was our mascot.  I always thought it was this BIG, ferocious animal.  I'm kind of disappointed.  

Our tour guide :-)   Seriously, though - she "owns" that city after 5 years of commuting.

Carousel TIME

A few more of the Air and Space

Thinking of Mr. Thayer :-)

Eating astronaut ice cream :-)

Cole chose astronaut ice cream sandwich :-)

See you soon, DC!

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