Monday, June 28, 2010

Myrtle Beach "Vacation"

This past weekend, Jake, Cole, and I went to Myrtle Beach to hang out with my good friend Heidi and her son Jack and our friend Jen. Heidi's parents have a beach house down there, so we all met up there for a few days. I put "vacation" in quotes, b/c even though it was a FANTASTIC time .... and so good to see Heidi and Jen and meet Jack (who was born 4 days before Cole), it was also so hilarious to see how our lives had changed and how different it is to be at the beach with a 2 year old, 2 6-month olds, and a puppy :-) We had a lot of fun, though - and it once again reminded me how thankful I am for friendships!!!

Jake especially loved Abby, the dog. I knew it was only a matter of time before Jake ended up in Abby's crate, and it was sooner than later :-)

THE BEACH! It was an "adventure" to say the least. Jake wasn't a huge fan of the water, but he loved playing in the sand - until he was COVERED in sand and then had a meltdown, b/c he wanted all of the sand off :-) Cole and Jack liked the beach, but it was just so STINKIN' HUMID and HOT (not that we expected anything less). Here is Jake before he got "too sandy" and was having fun ....
THIS was taken with my nice camera .... it was so humid - you can't even see Heidi and Jack. I ended up just using my old, small digital camera, so a lot of these pictures don't look as good of quality, but just how it goes....
Cole on the beach - burning up :-)
Jack's first time at the beach!
Jake not so sure about the waves....
My boys and me!
Jake STILL enjoying the sand and building his "sand castles"

Almost time to pack on up .....
Jake and Jack
Jake playing with Abby... throwing the ball
Not really sure who was chasing who...

Cole and Jack again :-)

We realized the pool works out much better with our crew, so we spent some time there. Jake did SO well. He has been a little scared of the water this year, and a lot of times he wants to just play on the side of the pool, but he got in and was kicking and blowing bubbles and even used his floaties, so that's a BIG deal! It was nice that Jen helped hold Cole in the pool, too, so that I could have some one-on-one with Jake, and I think that really helped build his confidence in the water a little bit. I have some videos, too, that I'll post later.
Jack and Heidi - his first weekend in the pool!
Cole getting ready for the pool
Cole and me (i get that the hat doesn't match, but i wanted something to help cover his ears better)!
Cole using Jack's floatie!

Jen and Jack
REALLY hard to get a good picture of the 3 of us, so this will have to do!

Jen and Cole (right before Cole took a pretty good nap)!

Sleeping by the pool....
Jake really liked being on my back - he was just fussing, because he didn't want a picture to be taken - crazy boy!

Cole continuing his nap OUT of the sun (and yes, his face looks red, but to put the grandmas at ease, it wasn't sun burn ..... he just gets really hot and red-faced like his older brother) :-)

Jake putting on his floaties....

Jack and me....
Jake passed out on the couch while watching a movie .....

Carousel time (love how we have our arms around each other)!!
Jack on the horse (Cole was napping)
Jake picked a giraffe!

ICE-CREAM TIME ..... Jake spotted the ice-cream store all by himself :-) ha!
Another nap for Cole.... we were wearing him out!
Jack and Abby
Getting these 2 to look at the camera at the same time was next to impossible. They are 4 days apart. Jack was born on Jan 1 and Cole Jan 5.

Before we left Myrtle Beach, we visited Amy and Steve (Chris's aunt). They live in Myrtle Beach - and it was great to see them.
Jake not wanting a picture - imagine that!

Jake watching a DVD on his "personal DVD player" on the way home. It was a fun weekend - but it was nice to get home and back to Daddy!

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