Monday, June 28, 2010

Jake's Photography

Jake took PLENTY of pictures himself this weekend - literally! These are just a small sample of the pictures Jake took over the 3 days we were at Myrtle. We MAY have a future photographer on our hands .... it wouldn't be surprising seeing as how much I have photographed him in the 2 1/2 years of his life so far :-)

This was like the 100th time taking my picture at the restaurant one night .... (but hey, it kept him occupied while we waited for our food).
He used the mirror really well, showing Jen front and center and Heidi and I in the background - even though we were sitting next to her. He's so talented!

Heidi played along and posed for him :-)
This was 1 of 5 million pictures that he took of us on this particular morning .....

Guess he liked his toes...
and Mr. Bear was photographed a lot, too!
So was Abby..... I only put a couple up of her, but Jake took LOTS of the dog!
Mr. Bear, again.
More Abby....

Jack reading People Magazine...
Yes, Jake really took this one.... all by himself!
This one, too (and so everyone knows - we were stopped at a gas station while I fed Cole, so I wasn't looking back to pose for a picture while driving) :-)
Told ya.... pretty talented!

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