Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

We had a fun week with our families in VA.  We only spent about 48 hours at each house, but it was still great to be there for Thanksgiving (and such GOOD GOOD food...our Moms sure know how to cook)!!!!!!!  We enjoyed some fall weather, too - and Jake got to play in the leaves at Gram and Poppy's house.  Unfortunately, this was the only time he was able to really be outdoors, b/c he woke up on Wednesday morning with a head cold (booo)!!  It's ironic, b/c he had a really bad cold over Thanksgiving last year while we were driving across country.  I guess it's something about this time of year!  For the most part, though, the cold didn't hold him back TOO much....and he still enjoyed all of the attention ;-)

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