Saturday, November 7, 2009

Smoooothie Time

Yesterday was graduation day!  Yay!  That means that during the month of November, Chris will be home on the have no idea how exciting that is!  Anyway, grad went well, but was pretty chilly (jake even left his cap on the whole time, so you know it was chilly).  After graduation, we saw Chris for about 10 minutes - and once Jake and I parted ways from Daddy......the floodgates opened!  SOOOO - I wanted to treat Jake to something for being so good at graduation - and to help him "forget" that Daddy wasn't with us at the moment, so we went and got a nice cup of HOT coffee for me - and a smoothie for Jake.  Lets just say it was a BIG hit (strawberry banana).  Jake said "thank you" with the HUGE smile on his face and the loud "Mmmmms" :-)  Here is Jake once we got home - still carrying his cup around and pretending to still be drinking his delicious smoothie.  He even ended up wanting to take it in his crib during nap time!  

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