Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jake Story

Jake cracks us up.  Lately, he wants to try everything on our plates - even things that he probably won't like (i.e. grapefruit, pepperjack cheese, etc.).  So, during breakfast - I let him try some of my grapefruit - and even though I tell him it's really sour, he makes a face, but keeps coming back for more....kind of like he is going to prove to me that he likes it - no matter what I think.  It works the same with the pepperjack cheese at lunch.  Yesterday, we were eating at a deli....and Chris was giving him some of his pickle - and you can see in the video that he was not liking it, BUT at the same time....still wanted it.  Can't say the kid isn't determined - or willing to try new things, for that matter :-)  I think I should start telling him that he isn't going to like his peas and carrots - and maybe it will help him eat those a little better!!  


Becky said...

Allison!!!! Are you all at Honey Baked Ham??? Whatcha get?? Beta Chedda? Swiss It? Was it as good as you remembered?

Allison Ashinhurst said...

haha! Yes, we are at my new favorite place - Honey Baked Ham!! What the pregnant woman wants....the pregnant woman gets ;-) I got beta chedda this time - and it was just as good as I remembered - and even Chris said I didn't "build it up" too much. He really liked it, too!! :-)