Friday, November 20, 2009

Nana and Papa's house

Today, we left for our first OFFICIAL Family mini-vacation....the 3 of us!  Chris and I wanted to do something just with Jake before Cole is born, so we decided a couple of months ago that we would go to Disney World and Sea World the weekend before Thanksgiving....and then still have time to make it to VA to celebrate Thanksgiving with the grandparents and aunts and uncle.  SOOOO.....on the way down to Orlando, we stopped by my grandparents house.  They live in Palatka, FL - and we had a wonderful time!  It wasn't long enough, but it was so good to get to see them - and it was SUCH a beautiful day!!  Chris hadn't seen my grandparents since our wedding 5 1/2 years ago (i guess that's what happens when you live across country and then deploy to Iraq a couple of times)!!!!!!!  It was an extra special treat to get to stop in and see Nana and Papa....and Aunt Elaine and Jennifer!  
My grandparents live on the St. John's beautiful!!!  I have so many memories growing up of being at Nana and Papa's house - and I hope Jake and Cole will one day be able to fish and shrimp off this same dock that I have for so many years....

Chris and Jake on the dock ... 

Papa with Chris and Jake (just a side note - Papa BUILT the dock all by himself years ago....pretty cool)!!
My cousin Jennifer and me :-)  

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