Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Then...and NOW

Jake is 21 months old today!  The 21 months isn't that hard to say, but it's the fact that he is 3 months away from being 2..that's hard!!!  Then, parents stop saying the age by months - and they just start saying the actual age in years.  It's so hard to believe he's getting close to 2 - but he's not there yet...but oh, how he has changed over the past year.  Here is a picture from the pumpkin patch last year that I recently was beginning of October of last year. 
And here is Jake on October 28 of last year....we were back in 29 Palms waiting for Daddy to get home in only 4 days!!  
And here is Jake (aka. mr. independent) TODAY...  He still has the cutest and sweetest smile ever (very UNbiased opinion) :-)  

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