Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FALL time

The weather may not quite be fall-like here (every couple of days it teases us like fall will arrive, but then it turns hot and humid again), but we have decorated for FALL here....well, as much as you can with a 20-month old...and I've baked some pumpkin bread, been burning some fall candles, have some apple cider in the fridge, and made some homemade gingersnaps this weekend - yum!  Here is Jake chowing down on his very own gingersnap....to which his first bite then received a very loud "MMMmmm" :-)


Kate said...

Look at that big kid with a sharp haircut & those gingersnaps were in fact DELICIOUS! I almost came home with an empty bag :)

Emilee said...

mmmm...gingersnaps! :)