Sunday, October 4, 2009

PI Graduation Videos

Here are a couple of the graduation videos.  The voice you hear is Chris' voice (in both videos).  Jake and I were WAY off to the side, so that we wouldn't bother anyone, so I didn't get the best video - and Jake was trying to grab it out of my hand, but....Chris did a good job - and the whole graduation was really cool.  Since we were so far off to the side, Jake obviously had no idea that Daddy was out there, but he liked hearing whoever was "yelling" :-)  Also, in the picture on the last post, if you can blow the picture up, Chris is in the center of the picture - facing the recruits....and standing by himself - so, that's how you can tell which one he is :-)  

I was even further back during this video...but if you listen closely you can hear Chris....and at the end, I move up a little closer - and you can definitely hear him way more clearly!  Pretty cool....

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