Monday, October 5, 2009

Chris' Emotional Night

Well, tonight was a milestone in Jake's life...he caught the ball for the FIRST time :-)  This is really exciting, b/c just this weekend....I was telling Chris that he and I needed to throw a ball back and forth, so that Jake could watch us catch the ball while the other throws it.  We were also talking about when we thought Jake would learn to catch the ball, b/c he just hasn't seemed interested.  He loves to throw the ball, but hasn't seemed to be able to comprehend catching it.  ANYWAY.....well, tonight was the night.  Not only was he catching the ball, BUT...he was standing on his step stool (which just cracks me up).  I'm pretty sure that a tear came to Chris' eyes :-)  So, it has been an eventful night - and that was just in the hour from when Chris got home and Jake went to bed!!  (Chris' commentary is pretty funny in these videos, too).  
Now, the next step will be to get Jake to SAY ball :-) Chris pointed one has earned millions of dollars for saying ball - but now catching.... :-)  haha!  

I wish I could say he was inspired because of his Redskin pajama pants, but if anyone has seen them play lately....not quite the inspiration he wants - or needs :-)  

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Smith Family said...

Jake is getting cuter by the minute! I love how they find new little things (like standing on the stool) and get such a kick out of it. Good job Jake!