Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Preview

Kyle and Emily
Poppy and Jake
Jake and me :-)
Gram and Jake

This weekend, Jake and I went with the Ashinhursts to Pennsylvania for Kyle's wedding (Mr. Ashinhurst's younger brother). We had a really FUN weekend, and we are so HAPPY and EXCITED for Kyle and Emily. I will post more pictures tomorrow (or should I say later on today), but here is just a little "sneak peek." *(Just a side note, I took about 30+ pictures of Jake, and I barely could get him to look at the camera, because there was just TOO much going on around him.....he was in "stimulation heaven.")

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Marybeth said...

WOW! Ashinhurst family you all look incredible! Michelle, can it really be 15+ yrs?! Allison, I have some real "dirt" on Chris, if you really want to know what you can expect from Jake. Honestly, you all look wonderful and I am so happy to be able to stay in touch.