Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scooting = Jake's crawling

Jake has his own definiton of crawling. He knows how to be on "all fours" as you can see from the pictures, but he would rather SCOOT around. He must be thinking to himself that he gets from place to place just fine by pulling his entire body around, so why would he want to try something different? I keep thinking one of these days, he's going to be on "all fours" and instead of going back into his scooting position, he will realize he can lift his knees - and that will be all she wrote, but for now, scooting will do.....(he especially likes to crawl under any of the furniture he can fit through).


Heather said...

How cute Allison!!

Ringmaster said...

Wow Allison he's really getting around good! I read somewhere that babies arm muscles develop faster than their leg muscles -- hence the scoot. Which is funny b/c Hailey gets up on all 4's and can get her butt up really high on her knees but can't lift up on her arms, so she gets around by more of a face-plant maneuver, guess she's just developing backwards =)!