Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two good games

Well, my Skins beat the Cowboys today! WHAT A GOOD GAME!!!!! Below was the final score. There were several good games around the league today.....

Unfortunately (for some - not me, though), the Eagles lost! Another good game, though, so the Eagles get an A for the entertainment value - and I do have to give them a little credit, b/c they do have some injured players. Now, I probably shouldn't be gloating - but I'm just on cloud 9, b/c my Skins beat the Cowboys (and I really don't care too much that the Eagles lost), BUT.....since I can gloat right now, I'm going to. Next week is another BIG game for both teams - they play each other!! Those Sundays are always critical times for Chris and me....and our marriage :-)

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