Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Packing/Moving Week...

A few pictures I forgot to post from the FUN week with family visiting.... Pretty sure Jake is asking Aunt Jenn for an ipad for his half-birthday - ha :-)
Playing hide n seek!
and some baseball....
Slam dunk!
This just sums up so much .... :-)
Packing/Moving week was very successful! It was busy and crazy and somewhat chaotic (which is typical when you are living out of suitcases), but all in all, I think it went really well - and especially with having 2 young kids. The packers made the boys a box tunnel to play with, so that was a BIG hit!

We spent LOTS of time outside, especially walking and driving ....
Some JERK JERK JERK JERK JERK who parked next to me like this while we were meeting friends for lunch. I couldn't open my door, so I had to get the boys in from the opposite side of the car, and I had to climb over the seats, too! Then, it took me a while to back out, b/c I was literally inches from hitting his car. IF I didn't have 2 young kids, you better believe I would've been back in that restaurant to "exchange the gospel" with him/her! Haha :-) BUT in all seriousness, who does this?!?!
Playing at "Miss" Ashleigh's house....

Jake singing LIFE IS A HIGHWAY while driving down our street :-)

We got to VA safely on Friday evening and are now enjoying family time. It was sad to leave Beaufort - and especially friends, but I try not to think too much about it :-) The military has "hardened" me to that a little bit. I feel like I just focus on the next adventure instead of thinking about how sad I am to leave behind such amazing friends - and the familiarities that take so much energy to develop. However, then I realize just how thankful I am, not only for technology, BUT for the time - even though it feels short - that I was given to meet such wonderful people .... who leave footprints on my life ... and who I will forever be grateful for! I have so many great memories that were made in Beaufort. I would be crazy to even begin to try and list all of them, but Beaufort is where Cole was born and where both my boys learned to walk - and where I met some of my closest friends. Beaufort will always hold a special place in my heart. Always.

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