Friday, April 29, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs!

You never quite know how a 3 year old is going to do when dyeing their first Easter eggs, but Aunt Jul was willing and ready to take on the challenge. It was a HUGE success. Jake absolutely LOVED it ... and was pretty patient with it all ... and did really well ... and was super proud of the end results :-)
Getting started...
Jake is counting all the colors and cups...

Cole was just walking around the house, not realizing that dyeing easter eggs was even taking place :-)

Getting them to the perfect color ....
We wrote his name on one (dyeing easter eggs sure has gotten "fancier" since I was a kid)!
I love this picture, b/c I'm sure that what was happening is Cole was getting into all of the cabinets, and I picked him up in order to distract him - and it didn't work, so he was crying, and I was trying to make funny noises to keep him from crying :-) This scenario played out a lot ... and continues to this week at Gram and Poppy's house. Cole is just SO CURIOUS about everything!!
Yay!! Such pretty eggs!
Yes, Aunt Jul was using a hair dryer during the decorating process. This was hard core!

Jake is SO excited and SO proud of his egg masterpiece!

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