Saturday, April 30, 2011


What an absolutely WONDERFUL Easter we had! It's so nice when we are able to spend holidays with family! It was great being back at Mount Ararat to worship ... so many wonderful memories in that church growing up! I feel that so much of who I am today is because of the teaching and the core group of friends I had while we were there! It's always nice to be back - and to see some familiar faces!
We started out Easter morning with some Easter baskets :-)

After church and before lunch, we made an attempt at a family picture....
You take what you can get :-)
Jenn, Jason, Becky, and Katy
Easter Egg Hung outside!!
The boys continued their trend of finding 1 egg and opening it to see/eat the contents and then slowly moving to the next one - ha!

Showing Daddy what was inside his egg!

After lunch, we went to Lunga Lake at Quantico for some outdoor FUN! The boys enjoyed the playground and some boat action!
Chris on the kayak! What a FUN hobby. I totally understand why Mr. and Mrs. Ashinhurst love it so much!!
Jenn (and Gram, Aunt Katy, and Jake on the paddle boats behind her .... and Poppy on the other kayak).

Cole getting into his life vest

There's Aunt Becky!

Playing bocce ... and Jake definitely had to be playing with the "big kids"!!

My turn on the kayak .... it may have been my first, but I can promise you it won't be my last! I LOVED it ... so relaxing and so nice!!!

Chris and me ...
Playing baseball with Poppy...

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