Friday, January 7, 2011


Here are the boys enjoying their new Toy Story tent with balls. I still really can't believe that we got this for Cole for his birthday .... I give it about 2 weeks before we can't find any of the 20 balls :-) BUT - they sure are enjoying it!

It got REALLY quiet yesterday, so I was wondering what the boys were getting into back in their room, and when I turned the corner - I saw this! Melts my heart a little!! Jake looked at me and said, "Cole and Jake just reading Mommy" :-)
AND here is something that is not often seen with Cole .... sleep :-) BUT, he did fall asleep while eating lunch yesterday - too funny.
I keep trying to tell him that if he'll stop waking up at 5am, he won't be AS tired at 11:30am :-)
Here are the boys enjoying their Toy Story tent....

Jake performing .... of course :-)

Jake and Papa Dee having a "snowball" fight - except they aren't really pretending.... they are throwing actual balls. Papa Dee has no mercy, either .... Jake loves it :-) Later, Cole gets into the "fight", too, but in this video - he looks for cover! This is one of the many great things about grandparents .... they are able to get away with so much .... but I love just hearing the laughter - from Jake and Papa Dee both ;-)

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