Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cole's 1st Birthday Party

I know every Mom must say it every time one of her children turn 1, but "I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS ALREADY 1!!!!" When did that happen?! It was so nice to be able to be in VA and able to celebrate with family. We had a fun birthday party for Cole on January 1 with both sets of grandparents, all the aunts, brother-in-law, and Uncle Ray and Aunt Jean. It was great celebrating Cole. I think he was wondering what all the "fuss" was about, but Cole is well-deserving of all the attention and all the love. He is such a sweet, sweet boy - who I just can't get enough of!! Since I love pictures, I have plenty to share, so by the time you sort through these, you will feel like you were at the party, too (complete with the birthday song video at the end) :-)

Chris helping arrange the party favors (I had note pads printed with a picture of Cole in the top corner .... and I made safari chocolates, since the theme was SAFARI) :-)
Daddy tied a balloon to his pacifier ;-)
Cole was like, "what is going on here?!"
Jake putting the pacifier back in Cole's mouth after Cole took it out (probably because he was getting tired of the string in his face) :-)
Birthday banner....

Food spread .....
I didn't really decorate the high chair - the main thing I was bummed with myself about :-(

Personalized plates!
Cole's sweet smile!

So adorable :-)

Birthday Cake....
Can't believe my baby is 1!!!
Showing him how old he is!
About to sing Happy Birthday :-)

Digging into the CAKE .... first time for cake!

Needs to wash that icing down with a little water....
Jake showing him how it's done!

I think he likes it...

Jake still going at his, too....
The men just hanging out watching football....

Getting messier....
Reaching for me (ummm, yeah right ... not with THOSE hands ... THIS is a new shirt)!!!
wiping him down, but not knowing where to start ;-)

Opening presents .... and awesome stool from Aunt Katy!
A race track with cars from Aunt Jul and Uncle Matt (Jake is pretty stoked, too)!!
Stroller cards and ...
a FBI sweatshirt from Aunt Jenn!

Elephant from Aunt Becky ....

Clothes from Uncle Ray and Aunt Jean! YAY!!!!!!
So excited about it....
giving Uncle Ray a "high-five"!!
Jake helping open the gifts ;-)
work bench from Mimi and Papa Dee ....

along with a motorized choo-choo train!

Eagles sweatshirt from Gram and Poppy (booo!! BUT, he'll be sporting it this weekend)!

Jake got one, too!!!!!! Ahhhh :-)

Farm from Gram and Poppy
Safari blocks from Mommy and Daddy ....
and a Toy Story tent with balls (I'll probably never forgive myself for getting this)!
Playing with toys!
Getting tired.... this party stuff is a lot of work :-)

Singing Happy Birthday (well.... I wasn't for some reason - think I was too busy watching his reaction, and I guess I couldn't multi-task very well at that time) :-)

Again, we are so thankful we were able to be with family to celebrate Cole's 1st birthday! What a special, special memory. Everyone was so generous and loving - and Cole is so blessed to have all of you in his life .... Chris, Jake, and I are, too!

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