Saturday, January 8, 2011

Officially O-N-E!

Since we had Cole's birthday party on Saturday, we didn't make too big of a deal about his ACTUAL birthday on Wednesday.... mainly so that Jake wasn't completely confused :-) We drove back home from VA on Wednesday - and unfortunately, Chris had to work that night, so I whipped up some grilled cheese for the boys and had picked up some cupcakes, and we did a mini-celebration, b/c I couldn't have his official day overlooked completely! We had his 1 year doctor's appointment yesterday - and the best news for me is that he no longer has an ear infection (thank goodness, since he had already been on 2 rounds of antibiotics .... actually both boys ears have cleared up - such great news)! Cole is looking good, though, and got a good report. He weighs 21lbs and I honestly can't remember how long he is :-( Since they both had appointments, they were doing everything all at the same time, so all of the numbers are mixed up in my head (plus, unless it's written down, I have such a bad memory anyway). All I know is he is looking good, so good news!
Cole - even at 1, maybe especially at 1 - continues to keep me on my toes. The differences between Jake and Cole are so amazing to me (but so good, of course - I wouldn't want or expect them to be the same). Jake was such a good sleeper - and Cole.... well, let's just say that at 2 months, he slept from 10pm-5am, and I was thinking that was awesome. It WAS awesome at 2 months, but at 12 months when he STILL only sleeps until 5am = not so awesome :-) Cole is HIGH on life, which is why he is rearing and ready to go and face the day at 5am! Morning person maybe?!?! :-) As I've mentioned before, Cole is a mover and on the go and into everything (and everything - EVERYTHING goes into the mouth), but he also has a smile that will melt away any heart. He now has 4 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth, and EATS, EATS, EATS! I'm pretty sure he's a bottomless pit already. He isn't completely sold on whole milk yet - he makes this weird face and spits it out, so hopefully he'll get adjusted to that sooner than later, but I'm enjoying NOT buying formula and NOT washing bottles, which also allows for a little more counter space (oh, and a little more money)!!!!!!!! Cole is constantly trying to keep up with Jake - one of the reasons he is probably always on the go and discovering new things. When Jake was 1 (granted, he wasn't walking), I could get him to sit down and read with me or watch a little bit of TV .... I'm pretty sure Cole has NEVER sat through a complete 30-minute TV show - and I have to really push him to let me read with him. Cole's personality is so much FUN, though! He brings us so much JOY ... all of us - even Jake (who hugs him and will say "my best friend"). I love watching him learn new things every day! One of my new favorites is when he falls, he says "uh oh" with his classic frown face - love love love! My prayer for 2011 (and really every year) is just that I can grow as a Mom ... and be the type of Mom to these 2 boys that I need to be. I don't take that responsibility lightly. The Lord has blessed me with such preciousness .... I want to make sure I'm being the Mom I'm supposed to be.
Those were my 1-year old "Cole thoughts" ... I could write for hours - just don't have hours, so I'll just leave you with the FINAL birthday celebration pictures ... and the videos at the bottom show how MUCH he truly loved his cupcake!! :-) Happy Birthday precious, wonderful Cole! We love you more than you will ever know!

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