Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas #2 ...

Since we had Christmas in Beaufort at home with the Ashinhurst clan, we had Christmas #2 with the Whitten/Paxson clan when we went to VA the week after Christmas. So, between 2 Christmases and Cole's birthday party (pictures to follow at some point), the boys pretty much, at this point, think every week is present week around here :-) I guess that's one of the hard things when both boys have a birthday within a month after Christmas.

A Chuggington race track from Uncle Matt and Aunt Jul.
Cole taking his time opening his gift.... :-)

BUT it's a Mickey Mouse Car from Uncle Matt and Aunt Jul ..... that makes lots of music!!! You can tell he's thrilled!
Dinosaur Set from Mimi and Papa Dee
Jake isn't quite sure about those teeth at first ;-) (however, now he knows all the names and is really into it)!!
A dinosaur floor mat for his dinosaurs!
Uncle Matt helping Cole put his car together....
Jake, of course, needed a turn :-)
Yay - Chuggington trains!

Cole got some things to chew on from Papa Dee and Mimi ... EVERYTHING goes in Cole's mouth - EVERYTHING!!!

"Hurry, Aunt Jul ..... take it out of the package" (and just a side note, they package kids' toys so that even the average adult can't get into them)!!
Cole was all about the dinosaurs from the start!
"CLOTHES"!!! I have to say .... I love how Jake gets excited about all presents -- even clothes! It makes you feel like you picked out the best present ever!!

Chuggington train case from Mimi and Papa Dee.
Cranky the crane take-along set! Yay! This will come in handy for our 2 moves this year!
Cole tasting the boxes!!
A magnifying glass with his Diego game (which he wanted to play immediately), but he waited patiently until we got back to SC ... only asking if he could play it about 500 times in between. AND I tell you what, the boy doesn't forget, because he stood patiently waiting while we unloaded the car and with every load, he asked for his Diego game :-) FINALLY the boy got to play it !!
Cole's very own Thomas set from Mimi and Papa Dee!
Opening some more gifts....

It's a crocodile .... although there was a debate on whether it was a frog or alligator, but the box says croc!
Typical Papa Dee pretending with the dinosaur that it is biting Jake's finger. He wasn't impressed, but it's so "dad"!! :-)

This is soooo exciting! :-) Can we do this every day?!
Playing with Papa Dee!
Daddy setting up the train race track!
What a FUN time we had .... not only opening presents, but just in VA with family in general. We spent the first few days with the Ashinhursts and the last few with my family. It's hard being far away, but we sure do treasure all of the moments shared together. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but I'm so thankful for family. So.very.thankful!!!!!

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