Friday, August 27, 2010

Beach with Cole

Jake has been at Gram and Poppy's house in VA since Wednesday. This was honestly a hard thing for me to agree to, since VA is 8 hours away. It's not like I can just hop in a car and quickly get there if I needed to, so it was a pretty big deal to me, but I knew he was going to have a good time (and he, obviously, is so far....he may never want to come home, actually) - and I wanted them to be able to enjoy some Jake time. Since Jake has been gone the past couple of days, Cole and I have stayed BUSY. I think Cole has been wondering where Jake is .... as he crawls around and looks around the corner, as if to look for Jake, but at the same time, I think Cole has also enjoyed a couple days of having FREE REIGN of the house and no one coming and taking toys from him and saying, "that's mine" (which we are constantly working on with Jake.... typical 2 year old)! Aunt Jenn is in town now, too - for graduation today, so it's fun having her here!! One of the things Cole and I did over the past couple days is go to the beach. We haven't been in a few weeks - and he enjoyed every minute of crawling around! I had to put the pacifier in his mouth, though - after several handfuls of sand to the mouth. :-) Cole is definitely a beach boy .... he LOVES the sand and the water!!

Cole and Elise
Elise, Cole, and Elle

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