Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lowes Build and Grow

My friend Ginger told me a few weeks back about this program that Lowe's does called BUILD AND GROW. They have them about every other Saturday .... and you get an apron and a little kit for the project of the day. So, this morning .... we ventured out in the massive rainstorm (notice the Lowe's parking lot in the picture below) and first met Ginger and McKenzie at Chick-fil-A for some breakfast .... and then headed over to Lowe's.
Jake and McKenzie putting together their "bug box". Yes, the apron on Jake is huge .... I just didn't get the chance to tighten it while we were there. Once we got home, we adjusted it, so it fits better for when he wears it while working on his tool bench at home :-)
I brought the toy hammer from home for Cole, so he could join in on the fun ..... he pretty much was out of it - and fell asleep before it was over.
Thankfully, no smashed fingers. Isn't it so cool?!?! Jake thought he was big stuff!
Trying to get Jake and McKenzie to show off the finished product .... AND look at the camera :-)
We were KIND OF successful :-)
Jake showing off his work....

Jake showing off his certificate of completion!!!
Jake took this picture of his bug box in the car..... :-)
What a great idea - and a VERY fun day!! We look forward to going again with Ginger and McKenzie in a few weeks!!

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