Friday, August 13, 2010

Randoms from the Week ....

The funny story behind THIS picture is ..... Jake still was all about his rain boots this week, BUT as I was trying to get him to go down for a nap earlier this week, I peeked in his room and saw him STANDING UP LEANING AGAINST THE ROCKER (in the back ground) ..... and he was sound asleep - with the rain boots on (of course). I ran to get the camera - and heard a crash .... and this is where he landed, but he was still asleep - with the rain boots still on :-) Jake is a riot!!
Cole playing on the tool bench ..... trying so hard to grab the drill .....
which he did .....
and still made time to SMILE at me :-)
Jake wanted a picture, too :-)
Jake playing with his trains - I LOVE his creative mind these days. He is so fun to watch as he talks and thinks and plays!
Cole enjoying the train table while Jake was pre-occupied with his floor mat :-)
Cole was SUPER excited it was bath time. As soon as he heard the water running, he took off crawling for the bathroom - and this is where he ended up!

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