Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rain boots on a SUNNY DAY

Today was a SUNNY, hot day .... pretty typical for here in Beaufort, SC.

Jake, however, prepared for rain. He didn't care that there were blue skies outside - he was ready for the rain .... just in case. He INSISTED on wearing them today. I should've known when he walked into our bedroom this morning at 6:05am with his Thomas pillow, bear, AND already wearing his rain boots :-) He wanted to wear them inside - and OUT today ... and being the cool mom that I am, I let him.

See..... (but what a cute, cute little man)
oh, and this is Jake and Cole making a huge mess - but Jake helped clean it all up before bedtime.
Jake STILL wearing the rain boots after bath and before bed.....

And yes, I JUST took this picture. He is sound asleep ..... with the rain boots right next to him! Maybe it'll rain tomorrow, Jake!!


Kate said...

How fun!!! I love that Jake loves his rain boots...Aunt Katy loves to wear hers too : ) You are definitely one cool mom Allison!

b said...

so funny!!