Friday, April 16, 2010

Video Catch Up

This video is too short, but I took it last night - and since Chris has been gone, I had to take it by myself, which is hard, BUT..... Jake kept laughing - and then Cole would start laughing at Jake laughing.... This went on for a while - and it was the funniest and sweetest thing! They both totally realized that they were laughing with each other ..... It is priceless, in my mind.

With a little "coaxing" from me, here is Jake telling Cole he loves him :-)

And here it is - Cole rolling over :-) I tried ALL night to get this on video. He must've rolled over at least a dozen times, but either my battery would die or I would be doing something else, so it was hard to get it on video - but here you go.....

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Kate said...

I saw these videos in the middle of work today and they just made my day so much brighter!! I love these boys!! How much longer til I get to come back??!!