Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Play Time and Nap...

Earlier this week, I think it was Cole and Jake's first REAL interaction .... where they were both playing with each other - and knew it. They had that laughing back and forth incident a few days ago, but on Monday .... Jake was laying over Cole - and Cole kept trying to grab Jake's pacifier .... and Jake would start laughing - and then move back - and Cole would laugh - and then Jake would move towards Cole's face again .... and Cole would try to grab his pacifier - and this continued on for a while. Pretty fun to witness. Unfortunately, I only have pictures - and no video. I love watching Jake and Cole's minds at work!! ON A DIFFERENT NOTE, Cole is definitely all about sleeping on his stomach/side. I snapped a picture of him during his nap the other day. It makes me a little bit nervous - I always put him on his back to sleep, but he is always moving on his side/stomach. It's so funny that at such a young age, babies know what makes them feel comfortable!

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