Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cole and Jake Update....

The Title of this post may make you laugh, b/c those loyal followers of this blog probably feel I update pretty regularly ..... and I do, BUT I figured I'd share a few stories, too, in this post - and a little bit about what the boys have been up to:

- Cole rolled over on Sunday..... back to stomach. He has been working at it for a while, b/c he scoots around on this back all the time, but he actually did roll over. It was probably by chance - and I doubt it will happen again anytime soon, but still very cool!!

- As I was walking out of Jake's room after putting him down for his nap on Sunday, I heard Jake say, "love you Mommy". Melted my heart! He goes around saying "love you Daddy", "love you Cole", "love you Mommy". He just started this on Saturday afternoon. Of course, last night when we got home from Chris' softball games and were walking inside, Jake turned around to my car and said, "Bye Mommy's car. Love you Mommy's Car." :-)

- I found Jake eating some diaper rash cream a week or so ago ... he couldn't have eaten too much, b/c he wasn't alone for too long in his room before I checked on him (silence is never good) - but I had to call poison control. The number is now posted on my fridge, but I hope to never have to use it again. They were nice and reassuring, though - and told me what I needed to look for just in case he had some reaction.

- This is unrelated to the boys, BUT the sand fleas around here are beyond ridiculous! This is a nice area and all, but I can't even imagine wanting to live here long term - strictly because of those nasty, obnoxious things - and it's only April!

- Jake is officially signed up for swimming lessons, starting May 3. THAT should be an adventure.

- We are officially in the "2 year old" stage. I have been reading books (yes, books) to figure out the method that works best for me that will help me maintain my sanity during this stage. I asked my Mom the other day when this stage ended for me - and I'm hoping before 18! BUT, truth be told, Jake is such a sweet boy .... he just is definitely having his 2 year old moments, too!

- Cole is still catching your eye and smiling SO BIG! It's fun to watch him with Chris especially, b/c all of this stuff is "new" to Chris, since he was in Iraq during this stage of Jake's life - and was only able to experience it through pictures and some videos, so Chris is enjoying seeing the real thing this time around!

Those are the main stories that come to mind at this time of the morning! Cole is wanting to sit up on his own SOOOOO badly. You can see in the pictures below, but he wants to see everything going on. He squirms around while you give him his bottle, b/c he wants to be able to see Jake while he's eating, too. The boy's eyes just follow Jake everywhere he goes - and you can tell Cole can't wait to be as busy as Jake is! Jake is really good about stopping and engaging with Cole, too - it's pretty sweet.

Here is Cole trying to sit up in his chair.....
sitting up with a little help from Daddy....

Sitting up with help from pillows....
Obviously something good was on TV (the whole breaking of the pacifier has good days and bad days....)

And for as happy as Cole is the majority of the time - he still knows how to use those lungs when he wants something :-)

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