Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bundling UP!

Since our closets lack in snow-weather clothing, we had to bundle up with layers. Thankfully, Gram and Poppy had given Jake rain boots for his birthday, so those came in VERY HANDY this morning. We ventured out into the back yard, b/c Cole was sleeping in his swing, so since our back yard is fenced in, I was able to be out there with Jake for the 15 minutes that we were....and also see Cole through the screened-in porch. Chris had a 2-hour delay into work this morning, so instead of having to go in at 430am, he got to go in at 630am - haha :-) They had a 3-mile hike with the recruits today, too - so I'm sure they are all freezing! Unfortunately, he didn't get to play in the snow with Jake (because it'll be melted by the time he gets home tonight), but I can only imagine the snow ball fight that would have taken place....

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