Friday, May 6, 2011

Naval Academy!!

Chris and I spent A LOT of time together at the Naval Academy during the last 4 years we dated before getting married. Chris spent pretty much ALL his time there, and since it's pretty much like prison, I did A LOT of visitation. :-) It has been 7 years since he graduated - and pretty much 7 years since we have been back there, so we decided to go to a Navy Baseball game while we were in VA. It was a GORGEOUS day....and I always have loved Annapolis! I would love to live there, if it would stay warm during the winters, too! :-) It is such a beautiful area!
Downtown Annapolis...
This is Dahlgran. It used to be an ice-hockey rink .... and also where we had the Ring Dance. This time around, our boys enjoyed the empty space to run around for a few....
Jason and Jake before saying bye. Just a side note, Jake wanted to name his friends before we went to bed last night .... and Jason, you were DEFINITELY named!
Chris with the boys in front of the billigoat. Jake continues to be all about the funny faces :-)

Jake and Poppy! Did I mention it was a gorgeous day?!
Cole is his NAVY shirt that Gram just bought him!! He's ready for the Navy Baseball game!
THIS picture was taken Chris's youngster year at the Academy (to us "normal college people", that would be his sophomore or 2nd year).
Here they are 10 years later.... I can't believe 10 years!
There is also a "funny" picture they took roaming around out there, but I can't find it, so they were re-inacting it here, but it would've been way cooler if I could find the other picture, too!
NAVY BASEBALL! Oh, how nice the field is now!

WAY more comfortable seating, too! Here is Mr. Big Stuff!

Don't let this picture fool you ... the boys only stayed still like this for 30 seconds :-)
Beautiful Becky!

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